Wow, I am soooo stoked to find this section on the website!! Before tumblr changed its policies I was writing short stories, fantasies, and other blog posts in my spare time- and with this feature I can go back to doing so!! Suggestions are always welcome, as well as story commissions! I’ll also probably be uploading more of my kinky art as well!

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I’m a huge nerd partnered with an even bigger nerd. 💖 Bear is my Dom/Master and I’m their silly Little/Pet. 🥰

Aside from that, I’m a Neo-Hellenic pagan (among others) and I love to sing, paint/draw, and dance! Kink wise I’m an ABDL/Little, Pet, Devotee, and Rope Bunny. 💖 I’m still exploring myself and I’m really lucky to have a supportive and understanding partner! ☺️

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@peepso_user_1(kh_admin) We look forward to your writing! Once you submit 5 pieces of approved writing you will get auto publish abilities! Yay!

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Thank you for blogging!
February 9, 2019 9:35 pm