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Hello today I want to talk to you guys about my littlespace. I know that that is something that’s personal to everyone and it’s different for everyone so today we’re in and talk about what that means for me.  Keep in mind I know that everyone has their own experiences this is just what I go through with getting into littlespace and what it means when I am in littlespace.

Little space can be really hard sometimes. My adult self has a hard time rationalizing why I need this space. I belittle myself and talk down to myself really I’m a huge bully to myself about this when I’m in a big head space and start to crave it.  I suffer through both depression and GAD.  A lot of the times that means that my brain is a lot more mean to me then most people have to do with.  So justifying this stuff that I have the gigantic stuffies, the princess tent, the binks, all of those things are difficult for me to be OK with the fact that I own when I’m in a bigger space and I’m not feeling the greatest.

Getting into little space can range from really freaking easy to almost impossible. Sometimes all it takes is me be in my myself and picking up a toy and realizing that it has a rattle in it.  Other times it takes daddy hours and hours to get me into that head space. Pet names that help with little space are things like Doll, Baby Girl, Princess, Little One, and anything “Daddy’s”. Daddy says when he makes awesome “little” areas it works really easy too. His example was the time he made our ENTIRE LIVING ROOM into a sheet fort. It was everything a girl could ask for- instant littlespace.  My stuffed animals are usually a really big help and of course my princess tent.  There are bunch of other stuff but that’s all I can think of right now.

I have 2 types of I have 2 types of littlespace. One is this sweet, adorable, giggly, bubbly, playful little girl. I like to play with my toes, have my binks, my stuffies are the greatest things alive (yes, alive). Then there’s this bratty, boundary pushing girl that tries to make Daddy mad, and it usually works. That’s usually where I like to read and color, watch disney or play video games for fun. It’s a middle/ little mashup. Very sexual, whereas my sweet space isn’t. Totally mood dependent Daddy doesn’t really have control over which one comes up 😉

I feel like I’ve rambled a lot. I would love to answer questions, or even hear about your littlespace.

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