Meeting Daddy In Person

The matter of how we got from point A to point B is pretty long.

When we met Daddy was living in Grand Junction Colorado, USA and I was living on the other hemisphere down in Punta Alta Buenos Aires, Argentina. He had never before left the states and didn’t even have a passport. I’ve travelled quite a lot in my lifetime but was pretty broke.

From the time when we started talking until we finally met 6 months went by. When we first met I was in a very bad place. It seemed like we would never be able to see each other in person, since I didn’t have a place of my own to meet or the means to get to where Daddy was.

It was especially bad with my family to the point where we did not talk to each other after years of abuse, since there was no bond there anymore. My biological parent Jonathan was a sole trader working as a network engineer and I knew he was struggling to get by with the amount of work. We’d already walked together before this point.

I was living with my ex since I had nowhere else to go, and even though we were still friends he hadn’t moved on completely so this made the environment especially toxic.

I was working rotating shifts at a gas station: 2 days in the morning, then afternoon, last day at night with only 4 days off a month. Plus my boss was a misogynist and the girls I worked with made my day to day even more stressful, the customers didn’t help either since a girl working the gas pumps (you don’t pump your own gas in Argentina) was apparently an offense, and more often it would be the women that would give me shit.

Daddy gave me the strength to mend bridges. I gave Roxanna (biological mother) a chance to talk again. That didn’t go well, she’s completely cut out of my life at the moment and that will not change any time soon. However Jonathan welcomed me back as a business partner, and now I have a very cool job that takes me around the world, which was what got me out of that toxic environment. Its also a job that gives me more independence and freedom to do things the right way and how I like them.

After 6 months of these changes and developments, and a lot of development between Daddy and me we were trying to figure out how to see each other. I couldn’t go over there since I hadn’t finished my first season of work so there wasn’t enough cash. He’d finally gotten his passport, and was working at a call center for the summer over there trying to save up to come see me. I was living at Jonathans house in Uruguay since he was travelling around the USA in his plane and he only came back for work anyway.

So after new years with his family and once I was done with my season Daddy takes a plane and on the 9th of January 2018 in Montevideo, Uruguay we finally met in person. And it was awkward, we were both so nervous and it was so strange to actually touch each other. It wasn’t the way we’d been imagining it, there were no fireworks or tears just nervous laughter and a lot of anxious touching and hugs. On the way back there was a lot of hand holding and some groping which surprised me. I was still a mess of nerves. It was only after an hour long drive once we’d got back to my room and decompressed that we realized that deep pain we’d been feeling in our chests constantly was finally gone.

Those 3 months together in Piriapolis were amazing. And there were plenty of tears. Drama. Wonderful breakfasts, lazy days in bed, we went to a natural reserve, hung out with some of my friends, had plenty of sex to make up for the time apart, and got to know each other. Because by that point we did know each other very well on a level most people never do, but it was so nice to learn all those little details, feelings, and scents you just cant get from a screen. Or you don’t notice at the time. The mundane domestic life was amazing together.

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Hello I'm a 23 Year Old Bisexual Polyamorous Nympho Little Girl. I've been a part of the kink community since the age of 19 and aspire to become a rope bunny and a rigger someday. I'm married to my Daddy and Dom we're currently living together in the states and I'm quite happy with the way things are. We are thinking of opening our relationship up sexually in the fairly near future.

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