Meeting Daddy Online

On the 26th of June 2017 we messaged each other on a dd/lg Amino at exactly the same time. We’d been snooping around each others profiles and I’d left a comment on his wall, so evidently we were both in agreement about when to start talking.

After that we texted each other every single day and were mutually refreshed by being able to have a non sexual conversation with another 18+ member of the community.

We didn’t use any special terms or names, we didn’t call each other anything really. I found out he was vegan and monogamous, he found out I has a hardcore omnivore and polyamorous (I like to date and have sex with many people at the same time). These were our red flags, and the only big ones we ever received. But we decided that we liked each other enough to work it out.

Now this is very important: He judged me for being poly and I felt hurt. I felt like this beautiful new relationship was broken and would never work out, like everything else in my life. It was so bad, and we’d only been talking for a week at this point, he made me cry. I don’t cry easily. However in the same day he asked to be forgiven, and sent me the most heartwarming assessment of my character. This was the point where I realized he cared about me as a person enough to overcome his own bias and imposed morality, and I knew I wanted him to be my Daddy.

Relationships take a lot of work, and they can make you hurt much more than loneliness. They can make you feel lonely. But when that pain isn’t caused maliciously, it’s worth holding on and fighting.

About the author: EllieCakes
Hello I'm a 23 Year Old Bisexual Polyamorous Nympho Little Girl. I've been a part of the kink community since the age of 19 and aspire to become a rope bunny and a rigger someday. I'm married to my Daddy and Dom we're currently living together in the states and I'm quite happy with the way things are. We are thinking of opening our relationship up sexually in the fairly near future.

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